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Why I’m a happy Windows Phone Developer

In my last post I talked about what are the bad parts when you’re developing for the Windows platform, now I’m going to do the opposite and talk about why I’m a happy Windows Phone developer. I’ll also make some comparisons with iOS and Android, so if I say something that it’s not true, or maybe […]

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Caliburn.Micro template for Windows 10 apps

As I mentioned in a previous post, I just installed Windows 10 this weekend and one of the first things I did was to catch up with Windows 10 apps. So I installed Visual Studio 2015 RC and I started to watch A Developer’s Guide to Windows 10, which is a great resource for learning how […]

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New challenge for Word Flow users

Fast Swipe

1 year ago Microsoft announced that the word flow keyboard is coming with Windows Phone 8.1. It was so good, that the world record was beaten by a WP user using word flow:, and for me it was one more reason to be proud for being a WP user. This is why I decided to create […]

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What can you do with DriveKit?

Here are some of the most important features in DriveKit. As  I update the app I will add them here and explain them to you. If you try the app, please give it a rating if you like it, and if you don’t like something or you find a bug, please contact me by adding […]