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Bye bye Windows Phone…hello Android

Remember this ad? Well guess what, I just did it

Remember this Microsoft ad? Well guess what, I just did it

I am I was a Windows Phone user since 2011, but two weeks ago I replaced my Lumia 930 with a Samsung Galaxy S7, and trust me when I say that it wasn’t an easy decision. This is my first smartphone which is not a Windows Phone device, and it took some time to convince myself to buy it. Many people were confused by my choice, some thought it was a prank, others thought I also gave up developing for Windows, but don’t worry, I’m not going from thewindev to thedroiddev :). There were a few reasons that pushed me towards this decision and towards Android instead of iOS, so I’ll talk about them in this article. I’ll start with the most important one…

1. Curiosity

Although I interacted with Android and iOS in the past, I haven’t used them as a daily driver until now, so I thought I should start with Android and after a few months maybe I’ll also buy an iPhone. Until one or two years ago I heard only bad stuff about Android, like the fact that the OS was slow, the apps were crashing often, so there was no chance I would switch then.but now I started hearing a lot of good reviews since Android 5.0 appeared, so I figured it’s time to see what it can do.

2. Disappointed by Windows 10 mobile

I’ve been waiting Windows 10 Mobile for more than a year, and so far Microsoft delivered only a beta version which they put into production. This is highly unprofessional in my opinion, I know they waited for a long time to release it but people have spent money on those devices so you should at least give them a working OS. So far, the fastest OS was WP7, followed by WP 8 and WP 8.1. Yeah…they got from worse to worse and I don’t know when they’ll stop.

3. Disappointed by Lumia devices

I’ve been waiting for a flagship for more than 2 years, and when the time came, they released the Lumia 950…a device so good that they started selling it at 2 for 1 in the past weeks. It had some nice features, I like the camera, Continuum, Windows Hello, but that’s it. The phone is slow compared with other flagships(S7, 6S, etc), and this only makes me sad because there was a time when cheap Windows Phones were as fast as Android flagships.

4. Microsoft gave up on Windows Phone devices for consumers

I was also disappointed because they said they won’t invest much in phones this year, which shows their real intentions towards this platform. I know they won’t kill it because you can’t have a Universal Windows 10 if you don’t have it on phones, but I wish they wouldn’t give up. After all, if Microsoft gave up on Windows Phone, why shouldn’t we? I will still be a UWP developer, and I’ll keep my Lumia 930 for staying up to date with the latest insider builds, maybe I’ll also buy a Lumia 950, but now my main device will be the Galaxy S7.

These were the reasons that made me switch. I’ll write some posts about how I feel about Android after using it for a few weeks, and also make a comparison between these two platforms from the eye of a Windows Phone user/developer so make sure you follow me on Twitter for more updates!

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