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A short Windows 10 review (Build 10130)

Finally, after so much time, I took my chances and I installed Windows 10(build 10130) on my laptop. I waited so long because I have only one machine and I need it to be stable enough so I can work on it.

My laptop is 2.5 years old, a Dell Inspiron N5110(8GB RAM, 4×2.7 Ghz i7, 120 SSD & 1TB external HDD). It’s not much, and maybe I’ll replace it this year, but Windows 8.1 worked perfectly on it, so Windows 10 should work in the same way.

Enough with the small details, let’s get to the review.

What I like


I haven’t used it, but it will come in handy

The new task view

I like the new look and the fact that it allows you to choose a second window to snap.

Notification center

It was about time…

The new Start menu

I also liked the old one, but this one is a lot better. At first it was a bit odd that it didn’t opened in full screen, but now I’m used to it and I like how the tiles and options are arranged.


What I don’t like

The bugs

There’s only one month left until its launch and it still has some serious bugs. I really hope they can finish it in time

High Temperature

My CPU was working on 50-60° C with Windows 8.1, but now it stays at 80-90° C, and sometimes it gets so overheated that it’s shutting down instantly by itself. The laptop was cleaned two months ago so this is not an issue. I noticed that my CPU was in high usage because of Windows Defender so I stopped it completely. Now it doesn’t power off, but the temperature is still pretty high.

The mixed settings

I know that the old Control Panel is what it is…OLD, but it was good enough. I never know where I can find the settings that I’m searching for, but I always use the search box in the top right corner and it’s ok for me. Now we have Modern Settings that redirect you to the Control Panel, or settings in the Control Panel that redirect you to the Modern Settings app. It’s very confusing so please just pick one and put all the settings there.


That’s all from me, but if you want more details, check out Scott Hanselman’s video about this build.



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